History for Children

The following history of the Moravian Church and Fulneck Settlement has been written for children. Each page includes pictures and questions.

The first section is about the origins of the Moravian Church.

1. Section 1 – Fulneck Settlement Questions

2. A) School Boys’ Secret Society

3. B) A Child’s Challenge

4. C) Refugees Resettle

5. D) Divisions Develop

6. E) Refugee Settlement Organised

The next section is about the building of Fulneck Church and Settlement.

7. Section 2 – Building of Fulneck Questions

8. F) The Yorkshire Connection

9. G) One Man’s Vision

10. H) The Founding of Fulneck

11. I) Arrival of the Schools

12. J) Journey’s End

The last section is about life in Fulneck in the past (for videos which bring the characters to life see the Historical Monologues).

13. Section 3 – Life in Fulneck

14-15. K) A Single Sister’s Story

16. L) A Single Brethren’s Story

17-18. M) The Shoe Maker’s Story

19-20. N) A Single Sisters’ Labouress

21. Map of Fulneck Settlement 1768

22-23. Notable People