Sunday morning services are at 10:30am and last for 30-40 minutes.
There are no afternoon Lovefeast services at the present time.
Morning Prayers are on Thursdays at 9:45am and last for 15-20 minutes.

Instructions for Attending Worship in Church During the Covid-19 Pandemic

We look forward to welcoming you back to church when you feel comfortable doing so. The following instructions have been put together based on government guidelines and the Provincial policy. Please ensure that you follow them for the benefit of all who attend. Thank you for your cooperation.

At All Times

  1. Do not attend if: you are shielding; you, or any member of your household, has virus symptoms, you generally feel unwell or have been told to remain at home as a result of test and trace.
  2. A register will be kept of those attending which will be stored for 21 days to be used in the event of anyone testing positive for the virus. If you develop any symptoms within 7 days of attending a Church service, please call the Minister or a member of the Church Committee as soon as possible.
  3. Sanitise your hands regularly and wash your hands as appropriate and when you get home.
  4. Observe 2-metre social distancing with those not in your household.
  5. Greet others by waving. There should be no hugging, kissing, embracing or handshaking.
  6. Do not enter the vestry. Only the worship leader and duty Chapel Servants should be in this room.
  7. Observe any instructions given on the day by the worship leader, duty Chapel Servants or members of the Church Committee.

Before the Service

  1. Arrive no more than ten minutes before the start of the service.
  2. Face masks must be worn. There will be some available if you don’t have one.
  3. Go straight into church rather than gathering outside.
  4. Sanitise your hands before entering church. Sanitiser will be available at each entrance. If using your own, it should contain at least 60% alcohol.
  5. If visiting the toilet, hands should be sanitised before entering and washed before leaving.
  6. Service sheets will be used instead of books. These will be placed on the seats before you arrive. You may bring your own Bible for personal use.
  7. Sit where the sheets are placed. There will be a few individual seats and others in pairs for those who are in the same household. Some pews will be marked as not for use.
  8. The balcony will only be opened if the downstairs becomes full, and you will be directed upstairs as appropriate.

During the Service

  1. The service will last for around half an hour, and will include prayers, readings and an address.
  2. There can be no singing. Any music used in the service will be pre-recorded.
  3. If invited to share in a spoken response, do not raise your voice.
  4. Doors will remain open throughout the service for ventilation.

 After the Service

  1. Take your service sheet home with you for disposal or recycling.
  2. Leave promptly by the nearest exit and do not approach people or stop to chat. Once outside, please move away from the doors. This will ensure that everyone can exit safely.
  3. There will be a collection plate at each exit for any envelopes and cash donations.
  4. If you wish to have a conversation with the worship leader or a member of Church Committee, this should be done later by phone or email.

Fulneck Church Committee
26th July 2020 (revised 5th August to include face masks)

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