Organ Recitals

‘These you have loved’

Organ Concerts on the famous Snetzler/Binns Fulneck Organ
usually on the First Thursday of each month at 11.00 am.
Retiring Collection for Church Funds.

Thursday 6th February at 11.00am
Recital by Alan Horsey

[François Clément] Théodore Dubois – Marche des Rois Mages
John Ireland – The Holy Boy
Flor Peeters – Chorale Prelude: Stuttgart [Bethlehem of noblest cities]
Rinck – Variations and Finale
Alfred Hollins – Cradle Song for the Christ Child
Sir William H Harris – Epilogue on Dix [As with gladness, men of old]
Gustav Merkel – Introduction & Finale from Sonata VI –Allegro risoluto/Poco moderato
the Fugue being founded on the Chorale: How brightly shines the morning star